Crisp ocean air, fresh seafood, historic architecture: Narragansett represents Rhode Island charm at its best. South County Soft Wash delivers superior pressure washing and exterior cleaning service to this New England community, so you can maximize the impact of the place you call home is proud to support our clients who call this community home.

Our team has been serving the Ocean State for years, and we’re proud to deliver on the most pressing values your property needs. When you choose our team, you’re getting superior quality. You’re getting convenient service. And you’re getting complete solutions for your exterior.

Narragansett Property Service Meets Convenience

Our team appreciates the power - and the pitfalls - of oceanfront living. While we love the sea-salty air, our home exterior does not. Ditto for that four-season climate, as well as the exposure to the elements.

In summary? A New England home requires a special set of exterior cleaning services to maintain quality andcurb appeal. We deliver with complete Narragansett pressure washing solutions that encompass:

Your property is one-of-a-kind, and don’t let any pressure washing company tell you otherwise. With our full set of exterior cleaning solutions, you’re always getting a solution that matches the needs of your property. It’s a promise.

The South County Pledge

We believe in the value of a good investment. So when you choose South County Soft Wash, you aren’t justgetting a standard service. You’re getting one that makes “exceptional” the standard.

Our team achieves this with intention. And we do it by integrating the following values into every Narragansett pressure washing service:

  • Advanced cleaning technology, including both pressure washing and soft washing
  • Specialty cleaning detergentsthat can handle any level of wear and tear
  • Licensed and insuredtechnicianswho specialize in exterior cleaning
  • Satisfaction 100% guaranteed, because you should never settle for less

Your home is a prize. And with our Narragansett pressure washing services, that prize is always protected. Get the best in service, superior results, and enduring quality with South County Soft Wash!


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